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Royalty Janitorial Quality Control

Royalty Janitorial’s standards for quality management are measured through proven standard operating procedures backed by over 35 years of cleaning and janitorial experience.

The Quality Control Plan contains documented processes that ensure our services are done right from the start and continue to exceed expectations throughout the life of the contract. In every business, complacency can become an issue and can result in a decline in quality, which is why Royalty utilizes performance metrics and constant inspections to ensure our end product is consistent with our customer’s expectations.

Quality Checklist

Quality Checklists

Employees are required to complete a quality checklist specific to the building they are servicing. Each checklist documents the daily, weekly, or other time-related tasks, with the requirement of the employee to initial by each task when complete. The use of the custom checklist ensures each unique aspect of the customer’s building is serviced properly and provides accountability for the overall process. The checklist is also used by the Quality Manager during Quality Inspections and when compiling trend analysis and other performance metrics.

Quality Inspections

Inspections are frequently performed by the Quality Manager at regular and surprise intervals. Each inspection is documented electronically on a performance sheet that is tailored specifically for each customer. The Quality Manager analyzes each audit and initiates process improvement initiatives when required. All performance metrics are readily available to each customer at request, with the option of generating custom reports if desired.

Quality Janitorial Service
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

The inspection process documentation is readily available to each customer and feedback can be submitted through the customer feedback and customer satisfaction forms on our website. Customers can also submit feedback at any time using the same forms, which will be followed with an immediate response and correction, if necessary.

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