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Tile Floor Refinishing

Commercial Tile Stripping and Waxing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tile Stripping and Waxing Milwaukee

With a professional approach to VCT tile stripping and waxing, amazing results can occur. Stains, marks, rust, and other blemishes that become a real eye sore can be exceptionally restored to like new with the right process and method. Royalty offers multiple proven methods to make VCT and cermaic tile shine like never before.

The condition of your floors makes an immediate impression and a floor with a brilliant shine can speak louder than words! Most dirt, scuff marks, and other blemishes can be removed by stripping and waxing the floor. Improper waxing can result in an uneven look, wax marks, and dirt and scuffs being waxed over and embedded into the floor. Royalty has vast expertise and leading practices to turning a dull floor into the epitome of what a floor should look like!

Tile Strip and Wax Milwaukee

Tile and Grout Cleaning


​This option provides for a high alkaline solvent fortified cleaning to handle heavy soil, grime, grease, hard water, and other dirts and stains on tile floors. This type of cleaning is generally used in high traffic areas, such as industrial locker rooms, bathrooms, manufacturing floors, and lunch rooms. 


  • ​Apply solvent to soiled floor

  • Use of floor scrubber to activate cleaner and remove stains

  • Extraction of soiled water and rinse to remove any residue

  • Reapplication of solvent if required or use of other chemicals for any stains not removed

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Scrub and Polish


​This option is the quickest method and focuses on removing just the top layers of old wax. This is good for when the floor has been well maintained and is free of deep stains. Companies that service their floor frequently professionally can benefit from this efficient and cheaper method due to the constant upkeep and prevention.


  • ​Use of rotary or auto scrubber

  • Removes 1-2 coats of wax

  • Rinse and reapplication of top wax layers

Tile Scrub and Polish
Deep Scrub and Recoat


This option gets further down to the base tile and removes embedded dirt or stains. Stains that have been waxed over from past services will be in these bottom layers and can be extracted with the deeper scrub.


  • ​Stripping agent applied and scrubbed with rotary scrubber

  • Removes 3-4 coats

  • Rinse and recoat layers with floor finish to shine

Tile Floor Recoat
Complete Stripping and Tile Refinishing


This option strips the floor to the bare tile, removing all previous wax and stains. This can be done manually with chemicals or with a rotary or orbital scrubber (see Rotary vs Orbtial Scrubbers). This method will bring your floor back to its best condition and can be maintained longer if polished professionally on a continuous basis (dependent upon the amount of traffic).


  • ​Stripping agent or orbital scrubber used to scrub to bare floor

  • Removes all coats of wax

  • Rinse and recoat with 4 or more layers of floor finish to shine

Tile Refinish
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