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Contract Cleaning Services

Commercial Contract Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Is the appearance of your business exceeding your requirements? Is the cleanliness suitable for your customers and employees? If any of these factors are not accurate, then Royalty Janitorial's cleaning services can help guarantee your business is cared for at the highest possible standard.


Royalty offers a myriad of contractual options to meet your business needs. We will adjust to whatever frequency is required, including seasonal and last minute requirements. We will accommodate to your schedule to ensure we can provide the most optimal service that works around your business operation.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly services

  • On-demand/Ad-Hoc services

  • Complete business & office building maintnenace

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • ​Restroom cleaning, restocking, and maintenance

  • Complete carpet maintenance services

  • Hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance

  • Machine floor scrubbing services

  • VCT tile floor stripping and waxing

  • Tile grout cleaning

  • Natural stone tile stripping and waxing

Commercial Contract Cleaning Milwaukee

Other Contract Services

Construction Cleanup Milwaukee

From new construction to remodeling, we can come in and remove garbage, debris, or other objects from your work area. After removal, we will professionally clean from top to bottom, ensuring the area is ready for your business operation. We also service small-large scale residential areas as well.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleanup Milwaukee

Does your restaurant or kitchen need a professional cleanup? Royalty offers full services to remove built-up grease, dirt, food particles, and other soils. We aim to sanitize and degrade kitchen organics with deep cleaning and deoderizing with Green Seal Certified products.

Water Damage Extraction Milwaukee

If you have a flood or other catastrophic water emergency, Royalty is equipped to help remove standing water and damaged property. We offer services to commercial and residential customers, no matter the size or severity. We are available 24/7 for emergencies, please call our office directly for service.

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