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About Royalty Janitorial

Business Janitorial Services Milwaukee

Royalty Janitorial was established in 1986 with the vision of a top-quality cleaning service for commercial clients. Company President Scott McLean gained vast experience working with several different janitorial companies before starting Royalty Janitorial as a one-man cleaning operation. Today, Royalty Janitorial has grown tremendously in size and is capable of providing a myriad of different services to present and future customers.

Scope of Business

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a top priority for Royalty Janitorial and we do not take it lightly. We utilize customized checklists, scorecards, and standard operating procedures for each customer we serve and continuously monitor for areas of improvement. Royalty also provides each customer with satisfaction surveys to ensure customer desires are met and exceeded. Royalty's persistence for overall excellence is the core value that drives the company's overall success!

Employee Selection and Training

Royalty is quite selective with employee selection and only hires those with the work ethic and integrity that Royalty expects. All employees are given a background check and vetted to the values of the company.

Royalty has developed a professional training plan that incorporates the 28 years of experience the company has. Every employee is trained to the specific operation they will be maintaining and are frequently monitored for quality control. Royalty is also aware of the need for gap analysis and is able to train each employee for any specialized requirements the customer might have.

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