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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Office and Industrial Carpet Cleaning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pressurized Hot Water Extraction

The Pressurized Hot Water Extraction process involves:


  1. Preconditon the carpet with a cleaning agent at a high temperature

  2. Groom and agitation to release soil particles

  3. Clean, rinse, and extraction of soil particles and any remaining conditionder

  4. Dry surface to prevent saturation

Pressurized Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Conditioning
Carpet Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Hot Water Extraction
Carpet Hot Water Extraction

Encapsulation-Dry Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is a newer and leading technological method which crystalizes and absorbs deep dirt particles into dry residue, which is then easily extracted from the carpet. Encapsulation has been proven to improve carpet appearance and allows for expedited cleaning for high traffic areas (due to the reduction of drying time from wet residue).

The process includes:


  1. Spray encapsulation agent on carpet

  2. Allow sufficient time for agent to crystalize and encapsulate soil particles

  3. Agitate agent with specialized equipment

  4. Extract dry particles from carpet 

Carpet Encapsualtion
Carpet Encapsulation
Carpet Encapsulation Equipment
Carpet Encapsulation Spray
Carpet Encapsulation Power Scrub
Carpet Encapsulation Power Scrub
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