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With the events of COVID-19, Royalty Janitorial is taking extraordinary efforts to develop and implement sanitation plans for our current and future customers. Royalty is following the recommendations of The CDC for the usage of a labeled, hospital-grade disinfectant. Royalty is utilizing disinfectants that meet or exceed this standard, and is deploying different solutions that meet the needs of our customers. While no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus has been verified, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. Please click here to learn more.

Commercial Janitorial Services

Business Janitorial Cleaning Service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Commercial Janitorial Services Milwaukee

Royalty Janitorial provides comprehensive janitorial cleaning services to the Greater Milwaukee area at highly competitive pricing. We are proud to be fully licensed, bonded and insured to provide quality business and industrial cleaning to our clients.

Royalty Janitorial is a one-stop shop for commercial cleaning needs that suit your Milwaukee based business. We can accommodate for contractual or single-service cleaning programs at extremely competitive prices. Royalty can provide affordable contract quotes with an extensive selection of janitorial cleaning services, backed by over 35 years of experience!

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Tile Stripping and Waxing Milwaukee

In most cases, the tile floor at your business is Vinyl Compositition Tile (VCT) and can be repeatedly refinished to an immaculate shine with regular professional treatments.  Tile refinishing can really make your business look brand new and make a bold statement to the people that walk through your door!

Commercial Office Cleaning Milwaukee

A professional cleaning service meets a valuable need by extending the normal life of a facility and maintains a clean and healthy working environment. Royalty is pleased to offer a variety of different service options that best meet the criteria of your business!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Milwaukee

Clean carpets can be attributed with being more visually pleasing, longer-lasting, and can provide a healthier environment. But most importantly, clean carpets present a profound perception of the facility and Royalty can bring that level of quality and cleanliness to your business.

Manufacturing Cleaning Milwaukee

Cleanliness in an industrial setting is paramount and can make  a huge impact to the overall perception of the operation. The appearance of your production floor not only can play a role in your customer's decision making, but also can effect your employee morale. Cleanliness can say everything in one look and we seek to help ensure that impression is always seen as impecable.

Water Damage

Thorough cleaning of standing water from flood or fire damage is essential to protecting your home, office, or warehouse from significant future damage.  Royalty conducts full remediation of standing water, smoke, and mud resulting from Spring thaw flooding, fire, or other catastrophe.

Medical Office Tile Refinishing

Most medical office's have a tile floor and heavy traffic from your patients can create lots of scuffs and marks that can really build up over time. Royalty can help maintain a clean and shiny floor at a frequency that is right for your business. Take a look at our Before and After pictures to see more examples of this type of work.

Royalty's scheduling flexibility is a key component to how we meet customer needs and we will do our best to accomplish that, no matter the circumstance! Please submit a Request For Quote so we can help make your business shine!

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